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Asset Finance

Need finance for another large purchase besides your home? You can also ask us to access competitive finance options for private cars and recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, plant and equipment for your business and other kinds of small business loans for a variety of purposes. These finance options may include personal loans, car loans, a variety of leases, commercial leasing options, chattel mortgages and more.

Operating Leasing

Available for ABN holders who wish to lease the vehicle for a specific period (generally 1-5 years) and at the end of the period wish to return the vehicle to the lender.

Chattel Mortgage

Chattel Mortgage: A finance structure, which is available for both employees and ABN holders when the vehicle is used for majority business purpose. The borrower takes ownership of the vehicle when purchased and the lender takes security over the vehicle, until the chattel mortgage is paid off.

Finance Leasing/Car Lease

Available for ABN holders, when the vehicle is used for majority business use. The asset is leased from the finance company to the business over a desired term (generally 1-5 years) and at the end of the term a residual is due.

“No Doc” Car Loans

Available for ABN holders to streamline the approval process, by the borrower not requiring to show proof of income.


Available if you wish to save on your current repayments or adjust the length of your loan.

Consumer Unsecured Personal Loan

Available if you wish to get an unsecured personal loan, usually the interest rate in this option is higher then if secured.


Similar to operating leasing. Available for ABN holders, who wish to rent a vehicle for a specific time (generally 1-5 years) and at the end of the term, wish to have the flexibility to either purchase, return or continue the rental agreement.

Consumer Car Loan

A finance structure which is available when the purchaser uses the vehicle for predominantly private use. It allows the individual the ability to fund the purchase solely in their own name or with a co-borrower. Once the finance settles, the borrower takes ownership of the vehicle when purchased and the lender takes security over the vehicle until the loan is paid off.

Novated Leasing (FMNL)

Available for employees, regardless of business usage. An employer pays the leasing company prior to paying the employees wage, thus enabling the employee the ability to salary sacrifice the car and some of the on-road costs.

The major benefit of using a broker to finance other large purchases besides property is obtaining finance that is tailored to fit your current financial circumstances and needs. With depreciating assets, the right finance can also potentially save you money on interest and fees, or potentially help you maximise your tax benefits.

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